Innovation of CJ RCA

CJ Research Center America (CJ RCA) is focused on harnessing the power of microbial strain engineering to develop new products in the both the Red Bio and White Bio spaces. Using high throughput screening equipment and the latest advances in microbial strain development techniques, we have a great track record for optimizing strains in terms of both economy and performance. In addition, we pride ourselves on scaling down our processes in a commercially representative and comprehensive manner. In this way, the processes developed here in the laboratory at CJ RCA scale up smoothly to the industrial scale. The process development team at CJ RCA currently consists of strain engineers, chemical and process engineers, as well as polymer scientists to develop, scale up, and commercialize bio-based, sustainable products, such as polyhydroxyalkanoates (PHAs), a family of biodegradable polymers that can replace traditional petroleum-based polymers in a wide variety of applications, particularly and especially those in agricultural and marine environments.

White Bio (Industrial Biotechnology)

Polyhydroxyalkanoates (PHA) are a family of biobased and biodegradable polyesters made by bacterial fermentation. Based on leading-edge strain and metabolic engineering, our biopolymer solutions offer attractive, sustainable alternatives to petrochemical-based materials. Our unique technology platform enables PHA biobased polymers to meet a variety of performance requirements—whether you’re seeking to increase biocontent, meet a biodegradation specification or to increase durability and flexibility. CJ RCA develops innovative, biobased polymer solutions that enhance performance and add value for a wide range of industrial and consumer products. What sets CJ apart is our proven ability to deliver world class bioproducts at scale.

Red Bio (Biopharmaceuticals)

Human microbiome consists of trillions of microbes, which are 10 times more than our own cells, can be both helpful and potentially harmful. In healthy body, symbiotic microbiota help the host in many different ways by protecting from pathogen entry, stimulating the immune systems, and providing extra nutrients and metabolites. While the disturbance of the balance may cause illness conditions like bowel disorders, certain cancers and metabolic diseases. CJ RCA wants to contribute our microbial expertise on the emerging microbiome therapeutics field for healthier and better life. Harnessing CJ’s core competencies in microbiology, CJ RCA is looking for innovative therapeutic solutions with microbiome.

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